How to Choose the Ideal Cannabis Seed

Cannabis seeds are among the most exciting items to collect when it comes to hobbies. These contentious little beans rank second among organic foods that have undergone genetic engineering, just behind roses. They are among the most fascinating and intimidating collections to start because of their incredible qualities and the enormous variety of seed strains that are available.

Finding the ideal cannabis seed is one of the quests some collectors go on. Every strain possesses a unique set of qualities that when combined will give you the ideal seed for your preferences. What to look for is listed below.


Tetrahydrocannabinol is referred to as THC. When looking for seeds, you will see the THC percentage listed because it is the main psychoactive substance present in a fully grown cannabis plant. Although your seeds won’t actually contain any THC, each strain has been specifically bred to consistently result in a plant with this amount of THC. You will be able to try it out if you are fortunate enough to reside in a nation where growing cannabis is permitted. If not, you will have to be content with the potential for your ideal seed to produce a specific THC level.


How much cannabis your cannabis seed could produce if grown legally is another thing you might find interesting. Yield is typically expressed in grammes and calculated using the breeder’s average yield findings. If you want to know that your seed will be able to produce a high yield, this is a quality you might want to consider Hydrocarbon Extraction.


However, selecting a strain involves more than just the important statistics. You need to choose a strain you like because different cannabis seeds have yield and THC levels that are comparatively similar. Examining those that have won reputable awards for their excellence is a good way to do this. The High Times Cannabis Cup is unquestionably the most prestigious. They determine which cannabis seed bank and which specific cannabis seed is the best of the year each year. The most popular seeds right now are probably those that have been gendered.


How easily a marijuana seed can be delivered is the final and most useful quality to consider. You can anticipate receiving free delivery of your ideal seeds in a discreet manner.